Freshour Equine believes in natural horsemanship.  Our training starts on the ground and leads to the saddle.  The communication between a rider and horse starts before you ever get on.  Every step a long the way has a purpose in creating clear communication to grow confidence and progress daily.   Many hours are put into your horse to create a consistent and finished equine partner.

Through our step by step process we are able to build the necessary fundamentals.  We focus on lateral softness, willingness, and shape whether its through groundwork or in the saddle. As training continues, we focus more on vertical collection and more refined body movements.  Desensitizing is key in creating a calm mind.  Regardless of the discipline you want to take your horse, having a solid foundation will give you the ultimate opportunity to be your best.

Our training facility consists of an eight stall barn with a 72′ x 72′ indoor riding arena.  During the summer months we are able to ride in our outdoor 100′ round pen.   Horses in training are handled 7 days a week and worked 5 of those days.  Each horse in training gets their own designated bridle, cinch, and saddle pad.  There is always a teachable moment, whether it be in a stall, walking down the aisle, or in the arena – each horse is handled like they are our own. We look forward to giving them the best, and our full attention to create life time skills for their future!

For more information on rates or our waiting list, please contact Derek Freshour at (503) 484-5147, texts are welcomed.