Lessons/ Clinics

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Lessons and Clinics

Freshour Equine believes that being involved in training allows for consistency, a lasting relationship, and a true foundation with your horse.  It is difficult to build “feel” or “timing” with out the experience or knowledge.  By taking a lesson, or joining a Freshour Equine clinic, we are able to break down key steps in establishing future success.  The process in getting somewhere is sometimes way more important than actually being there.  Having a more hands on approach allows us to read each unknown situation and become better prepared.  Freshour Equine believes that a finished horse is one that is predictable in every action and behavior based on results of repetition.  Consistency. Now is your time to take the next step in building a solid foundation in your horse!!

Lesson rates are currently $40/ hr at Freshour Equine’s facility

Lesson rates are currently $60 / hr at client’s facility within a reasonable driving distance (discretion of Freshour Equine).

Clinic Dates Coming Soon!!