Freshour Equine specializes in establishing a solid foundation for your horse using natural horseman techniques.

As an horse owner, competitor, or companion, establishing a relationship with your horse is very important wherever you may be. Freshour Equine concentrates on training your horse in a manner that is patient, persistent, and correct. We help you to ensure that the desired characteristics are trained into a horse for a lifetime.

Derek Freshour, was raised around horses and his passion grows deeper everyday for them. His background comes from team roping, cutting, barrel racing, and other timed events. Derek graduated from Eastern Oregon University with Bachelor’s degree.

Derek specializes in horse and business management & marketing.  Through life’s experiences, he knows where his heart lies – competing, showing, and teaching in the horse world!  Derek has studied many great trainers and has had mentorships with family to create his own training techniques.  From the ground to the saddle, every process has a purpose. Derek looks forward to making many more great horses.

Derek believes he is very fortunate to have the gift and opportunity to ride, train, and compete.  He looks forward to meeting you and discussing your future projects.


I believe in natural horsemanship. My training starts on the ground & leads to the saddle. Communication between rider & horse starts before you ever get on.

“Derek Freshour is a very talented trainer. His work with Maximus has been magical. In my opinion, he’s the best kept secret in horse training.”

Tony Graham

“Derek’s natural horsemanship is wonderful. He is able to work with your horse and help get the basics down. You will be completely amazed.”

Billy Boyd